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John P. Campbell is a multi-faceted cinematographer and producer with over 13 years of experience in television, film, and digital production.

His robust portfolio includes a diverse assortment of projects, including comedy series and sketches, stand-up specials, commercials, branded content, documentaries, narratives, and beyond.

While his work spans across genres, comedy has been a substantial part of John’s portfolio, and his love for the genre runs deep. He understands cinematography plays a role in comedic storytelling, and this appreciation for the art form combined with his own inherent comedic sensibilities has helped elevate myriad projects over the course of his career.

As a collaborator, John believes that positivity, inclusion, and an honest, uplifting environment are key to any successful project. He strives to surround himself with crew and creatives who share these ideals, thus creating an overall positive and memorable experience on set. His time-tested professional relationships are proof that kindness and productivity can successfully co-exist.

John’s work has appeared on various networks, including Netflix, Vox, Comedy Central, PBS, Showtime, Amazon, Vice, Bustle, and The Food Network, to name a few. He’s currently based just outside the city in the beautiful Catskills of New York, where he enjoys pretending to be a carpenter, roasting his own coffee beans, and watching bears wander by the Ring cam. He recently became a first-time dad, which he finds very exciting.

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